Research Trail: Update

Since researching nearby libraries, I asked for recommendations on Twitter and was pointed to the Berlin State Library. So, on the weekend, I went in person and registered there as well as at Humboldt University Library, which has its foreign languages branch (where many of their English language books are located) right around the corner!

Between them, I think this will be enough for the time being. Though I may come back to my other options later.

Humboldt University Library requires that I be on site to access services such as JSTOR. This is an access issue for me because my cognitive disabilities and mental illnesses would make it difficult to visit a library on a regular basis. And in any case, I tend to work during the evenings, and on weekends. And the foreign languages branch is closed during both of these times.

Unfortunately, the University for the Creative Arts Library (which also provides access to services such as JSTOR) is only available for students studying at the undergraduate level or higher. I am currently a foundations student, so for the time being, I have to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, the Berlin State Library appears to offer a full range of online academic research services that I can use from home, including JSTOR.

My emotional health hasn’t been too good recently, and I was feeling anxious and avoidant anticipating having to explain to a stranger who may not speak English very well why some of my paperwork still uses my old name or why I selected a feminine title. Thankfully, this didn’t happen. And I know that registering at a couple of libraries sounds like a trifling matter, but I am proud of myself for having completed this necessary task.


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