Exercise: Drawing Small

For the first exercise of project 0.1, I filled two pieces of paper with oval marks using first my right (dominant) hand and then my left hand. I then repeated this process, resulting in four pieces of paper filled with oval marks.

My first attempt:

My second attempt:

Some general observations:

  • The first couple of ovals felt clumsy, regardless of which hand I was using. I felt like I hit the swing of things after about five or so. But by the time I get to the end of the line, I become lazy and the ovals distort.
  • Inconsistencies in oval placement tend to get magnified with each new line and I had to make a conscious effort to counteract this.

Regarding focus:

  • My attention wanders quite easily. I caught myself thinking about others matters multiple times and had to consciously bring my focus back to the exercise.
  • I feel that when I pay attention to the exercise, the ovals looked better—fewer wobbles, fewer variations in pressure, more complete ovals, and so on.
  • When I was focusing on the exercise I found that either I would be paying attention to the line above which I was using as a placement guide, or I would be looking at the oval as I drew it.

Regarding using different hands:

  • I used the same part of both hands (the side of my hand adjacent to my little finger) for resting on the paper.
  • Using my right hand, I could speed up with relatively little impact on the quality of the ovals. But only to an extent, and only for a short period of time. When I tried to keep this up, either the shape or the placement of the ovals would suffer.
  • Drawing with my left hand was easier than I expected.
  • Using my left hand, the first few ovals of each line felt more difficult than the rest of the line. I think this might have something to do with the fact that I twizzled the pencil at the end of each line, making it sharp again. I feel like that sharpness of the line contributed to the perception that the ovals were harder to form, compared to the softer marks towards the end of each line.

If I did this exercise again I would probably experiment with my pencil twizzling. Perhaps not twizzling at the end of each line, and seeing what difference that makes. Or perhaps twizzling the pencil halfway through the line, or something like that.

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