Experiments With Scanning

After completing the previous exercise, I wanted to digitize my work so that I could share here.

In a couple of previous posts, I made use of an application for my phone that specializes in the digitization of artwork. In summary, it allows me to photograph a piece of paper and then it applies some sort of post-processing to the image so that it looks less like a photograph and more like a scan.

There are, in fact, many such applications that perform this task. And I downloaded a bunch of them and compared the results. I was eventually able to produce results that I was happy with, and this is what I ended up posting.

I tried the same approach with the larger pieces of paper I used for the previous exercise, but this time, I found the results unsatisfactory. Details were washed out by the post-processing, and the pure white background looked very artificial.

So, I decided to buy a scanner and tried my hand at regular digital scanning.

This turned out to be quite an involved experiment. Much more involved than the original drawing exercise itself. But I enjoyed the process!

I would go into the details here, but I think it makes sense to split this into a few different posts. So, stay tuned.

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