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Exercise: Drawing Small

For the first exercise of project 0.1, I filled two pieces of paper with oval marks using first my right (dominant) hand and then my left hand. I then repeated this process, resulting in four pieces of paper filled with oval marks. My first attempt: My second attempt: Some general observations: The first couple of […]

Open Foundations, Part 0

I am starting part zero of my Open Foundations course, comprising of: Project 0.1 – Drawing Small and Big Project 0.2 – Drawing in Short and Long Bursts Project 0.3 – Using Your Fingers, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Like a previous post, I am writing this retroactively. In fact, I have already put in quite a bit of […]

Open Foundations (Drawing)

Last year, I enrolled in the Open Foundations (Drawing) course at the OCA. Unfortunately, however, I have not made much progress. I struggle with mental illness and currently do not have therapeutic support. One of the significant problems this poses for my studies is avoidant coping. And although it’s hard to internalize, I do know […]

Research Trail: Update

When I started this assignment, I significantly underestimated how much time it is going to take to get familiar with academic research methods and do more than a cursory amount of research. For this reason, I have decided to lift my self-imposed deadline of February 27. Instead, I am going to start working on my drawing […]

Research Trail: Update

Since researching nearby libraries, I asked for recommendations on Twitter and was pointed to the Berlin State Library. So, on the weekend, I went in person and registered there as well as at Humboldt University Library, which has its foreign languages branch (where many of their English language books are located) right around the corner! Between them, […]

Research Trail: Update

Because the OCA is a distance learning institution, one of the first things I need to do is find an academic library close by that I can use. The Humboldt University Library offers membership to non-enrolled students without a fee. This sounds promising! I have contacted four other organizations asking about library membership: Berlin Weissensee School […]

Research Trail

I am starting the Research Trail assignment, which is the concluding part of the OCA course, An Introduction to Studying in HE (Higher Education). Activities For this assignment, I am going to research a topic of my choosing. As I progress, I am going to document my research using my learning log. This documentation will detail how […]

An Introduction to Studying in Higher Education

When I enrolled at the OCA to study drawing, I was advised to get started with a brief course titled An Introduction to Studying in Higher Education. While working through the course, I was introduced to the concept of a learning log and have consequently created this blog. Hello! I have a lot of ideas about […]