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Exercise: Drawing Small

For the first exercise of project 0.1, I filled two pieces of paper with oval marks using first my right (dominant) hand and then my left hand. I then repeated this process, resulting in four pieces of paper filled with oval marks. My first attempt: My second attempt: Some general observations: The first couple of […]

Open Foundations, Part 0

I am starting part zero of my Open Foundations course, comprising of: Project 0.1 – Drawing Small and Big Project 0.2 – Drawing in Short and Long Bursts Project 0.3 – Using Your Fingers, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Like a previous post, I am writing this retroactively. In fact, I have already put in quite a bit of […]

Open Foundations (Drawing)

Last year, I enrolled in the Open Foundations (Drawing) course at the OCA. Unfortunately, however, I have not made much progress. I struggle with mental illness and currently do not have therapeutic support. One of the significant problems this poses for my studies is avoidant coping. And although it’s hard to internalize, I do know […]