Research Trail

I am starting the Research Trail assignment, which is the concluding part of the OCA course, An Introduction to Studying in HE (Higher Education).


For this assignment, I am going to research a topic of my choosing. As I progress, I am going to document my research using my learning log. This documentation will detail how I am conducting my research, as well as what I find—including and information about my sources.

Once I have explored a sufficient amount of material, I am going to select and then document six pieces of information that I consider essential for someone who wants to understand my chosen artist.

Finally, I am going to write a self-evaluation.


I plan to complete this assignment in two weeks, i.e., by February 27.

Learning Aims

I hope to apply some of the skills I have learned over the duration of this course. I hope to gain some experience doing academic research. I also hope to gain some experience—and confidence—using my learning log and writing self-evaluations.

An Introduction to Studying in Higher Education

When I enrolled at the OCA to study drawing, I was advised to get started with a brief course titled An Introduction to Studying in Higher Education. While working through the course, I was introduced to the concept of a learning log and have consequently created this blog.


I have a lot of ideas about how I might use this blog. But I expect that my thoughts will develop as I gain experience. And I don’t want to start my learning log off with a bunch of meta discussion. So for now, I will leave it at that.